How I learned the craft of tv

Since editing the first video reels on my own, I've had a passion for doing video.

It started out in the mid 90's where video editing equipment wasn't exactly a common consumer product and thus not very accesible for the average 20 student.

But a classmate had a clever setup with two VHS machines and a small camcorder for recording. And so I seriously started thinking about storytelling with tv... and 6 years passed.


In 2001 I got accepted to join Center of Journalism at Southern University of Denmark, and by the third semester a new world availed itself for me.

Each buddy team of students had the following:

- Canon XL1 MiniDV Camcorder
- Audio accesories (microport, boomer, cables)
- Lighting setup
- Editing station
- Access to cars (shared with other teams)

Obviously, for a geek like me, the gear alone was enough to kickstart my love affair with living images, and so was the prospect of having the theory laid out for you, by "big guys" knowing what they were talking about.

More to come...